A fight of the undefeated. The Germans will compete with the Portuguese for the final of the small Euro

Andro’s stadium will experience its small Moravian summit of the football Euro. In the semifinals of the 21st European Championship, Portugal and Germany will compete in Olomouc. “All the players are all right. Together, we have come here and now we want to reach the final, “German coach Horst Hrubesch confidently reports.

This may be the premature final. Germany is the biggest favorite of the championship from the beginning, the group ended after one win and two draws a point behind Denmark. That is why he had to move from Prague to the semifinal.The Portuguese team again won group B, so they could stay in their temporary home in Moravia.

The German team moved to Hanna yesterday morning and tested the lawn at the stadium at half past five. “We are glad we are in a new city. It is diverse, “said Hrubesch.

Still, the Germans believe that they are only to jump in Olomouc and will quickly return to the last match in Prague. The only remaining match is Tuesday’s final in Eden. “Each of the remaining four teams wants to win the tournament and win it. Nobody is underestimated, “the German coach said.

It is not possible to reduce the results of the Portuguese at the championship.Just like the Germans have not won yet, five points for the win over England and the draws with Italy and the Swedes were the first in the group. Moreover, in three games they have scored only one goal, the last minute of the duel with the Swedes.

The first and second experience with Androus stadium will be common for both semifinalists, and the three previous duels of their Moravian group played in Uherské Hradiště. Although they go to the semifinals as the winners of the group, they do not feel the favorites. “If we were to say that, it would not be true,” says coach Rui Jorge. “You need a bit of luck for Energybet sport betting the good result and we are still in the tournament. Perhaps it will last, “he wishes.

” We know what the Portuguese know, but we are also aware of our abilities.We are not afraid of anyone, “says Hrubesch, adding:” We did not have a lot of chances. However, it must be a goal against Portugal. “

The last duel in the group with Energybet bet online Czechs must warn the Germans. Draw 1: 1 is the first place, in addition desperately defended in the attacks of the home team. “We can always improve, we’ve had a lot of shooting in the last match,” said midfielder Julian Korb. “It will be important to take advantage of the chances that we have, because success and failure can be one goal,” says the talent of Borussia Mönchengladbach.

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