Hradec wishes the swing, she would bring him up again

This is the most crucial question for a club that has long held a football champion of the Hradec Králové region.

P> The previous three seasons have been very hectic in this respect for his fans.

Preliminary and first in the spring of the descent from the 1st league, between last year the procedure. He wants the club now again, aloud no one talks about it.

“The pressure is not, but in the cabin everyone feels that Hradec in 1.The league belongs and should play it, “said Jiří Lindr, the goalkeeper of the Hradec Králové team.

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Because of his injury, which did not lead him to a single first league match last season, he is one of the new players, Who have come to practice this feeling and who do not have a spring fall in the head.

Next are especially bundesliga beaten stoper Pavel Krmaš, who returned to Hradec after twelve years, also the clever shooter Jan Pázler, who last year his shooting The ability to prove in the second league Znojmo, coming from Olomouc midfielder Jan Javůrek, or another middle-field player Igor Soukenník and stoper Jiří Bederka, who came from Sparta, but last season he played in Pardubice.And last but not least, midfielder Jiri Janousek, who hosted last night in Varnsdorf and is now back.

They are just trying to replace a number of outgoing footballers who, after descent, either wanted to stay in one of the highest competitions (Štípek, Čermák, Halliovich, Energybet bet sport Dvorak), or they ended their contracts (Križko, Tito, Kuciak) or they ended up with professional football (Rolko).

Hradec after the year between the elite must prepare for the place in Sparta, Slavia Or to Pilsen, will go to far less prestigious soccer places, where they will be waiting for their opponents to jump, and they will be able to complicate their plans for the event.

Many are already mentioned in the introduction of the competition, which after the elimination of Viktoria Zizkov , Who did not have a professional license, only fifteen participants.Hradec is in first place waiting for the free kick in the first round, and instead of the league he is preparing a match to go to the other on the pitch of the dangerous Táborsko, with whom a year ago and a quarter pulled to the last round of progress.

Later comes the only one, for the fans, positive news from the second highest competition. The derby with Pardubice will play at the Oporto Stadium. It was from their stadium that the Hradec advance season was brought in the last round.

If the Hradec will play it this year, it will be very soon.And also how it is going to be able to fulfill the plans that the All-Star Stadium will begin to receive first-order parameters during the next season.

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