Liverpool got six goals, Arsenal without Rosicky overcame West Bromwich

What was still playing? The champion was already decided at the beginning of May. The Manchester United and Arsenal trophy defender has been holding a straight line to the Champions League, it has been known since last week, although Manchester United has had the theoretical hope of overtaking Arsenal.

Arsenal, whose set and bench Tomáš Rosický was absent, he beat West Bromwich 4: 1. All goals scored in the opening 37 minutes, Walcott flashed hat-trick. United is coming to qualifying.

The last lap was not the fifth Liverpool, Stoke scored five goals for half time, eventually defeated 1: 6, and sixth place to qualify for the European League.After winning at Everton, Tottenham took part in the main stage of Cup Two.

For rescue, Hull needed Manchester United to defeat Newcastle with West Ham. Hull did not win, Newcastle made points.

Chelsea lost to Sunderland but turned the three goals of the duel. The leader of the table was from August 30, 2014, which is a total of 284 days.

After half an hour, Czech beat Steven Fletcher, but the English master replied after ten minutes when Diego Costa was offensive. Further goals Chelsea added after Loic Rémy break and secured Chelsea three points.

The Premier League played Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard for the last time.While Lampard helped to win Manchester City over Southampton 2-0, Gerrard only moderated the demolition of Liverpool on the Stoke pitch. It was the highest loss that the liverpool captain suffered in his seventeen-year club career.

Next to Stoke, Arsenal and Leicester were also shooting in the last round. Arsene Wenger’s confidants after Theat Walcott beat Hattrick West Bromwich 4: 1. The nomination for the match was not Tomas Rosicky, Energybet online betting guide who has extended Arsenal this week.

In West Ham after the last round, coach Sam Allardyce finished. Club leaders confirmed previous speculation that he would not extend the contract with a sixty-year coach.

Allardyce and West Ham went to the highest competition in 2012 and the Premier League club has always stayed.The fans of the London club did not get much of a favor. The current year of United ended up with a 0: 2 loss in Newcastle, which kept it among the elite, West Ham finished twelve.

“The club started looking for a new coach, we decided not to prolong Sam Allardyce’s contract, “said West Ham on the twitter almost immediately after the final whistle. “He leaves the club in a much better state than he was Energybet online betting tips taking, and the board is grateful for him.”

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