Messi’s representation lost another final, gold takes home Chile

In the second series, Higuain penetrated the gate, Claudio Bravo caught Baneg’s third attempt. This is all the Chileans turned, the last of Alexis Sánchez. “” We are experiencing enormous sadness, literally torture, “said Barcelona player Javier Mascherano, who, as one of the few Argentine players, was willing to talk to the press. “It hurts all of us, and it will be worse,” he added.

The only lucky Argentine was on Saturday night in Santiago coach Jorge Sampaoli, who has been running Chile for three years. This final was the fifth, the first to win.It is a historic triumph. Argentina has been waiting for continental victory since 1993, since then only three times in the final, including Saturday.

Lionel Messi, the world’s greatest football player, With the national team awaiting further. Last year he lost the final of the World Championship in Brazil against Germany, he ended up with the tournament team earlier in the previous years.

Even this year’s final was not his day, he broke a lot, as the only team at least changed the penalty.

Nearly fifty thousand viewers at the Santiago National Stadium, the grandstand and President Michelle Bachelet waving the flag of the country.From the opening minutes, a brisk match was played.

Domestic support with a stormy audience made everything out of the box, Vidal and Medel were reluctant, careful in the defensive, fast in attacking Sánchez or Vargas. / P>

The Argentines were in Messi, but they did not rely only on it. The game was also attempted to form Pastor, Di Mária wandered over the wing, Biglia and Mascheran in the middle of the field were in charge of defensive tasks. The offensive was trying to support both the outer legs of Zabalet and Rojo. Aguero beat Aguero, a quarter hour before the end of the game. Di Mária, like last year’s World Championship wounded, sprinted through the middle of the field, grabbed his leg and resigned for less than half an hour.Last year at the Brazilian championship, he had problems with the quarterfinals against Belgium and then missed the final medals.

The teams did not make much of their goals. The Argentinians were the first to follow the standard situation. A speedy charge from the right side of the field increased Messi’s lead to a great pass from the center, but the ball glanced harmlessly off the right wing. Cladio Bravo made the most of his shot and put it in the back of the net.Then he set off the Biglii blow after the beautiful Pastore event.

The hosts got in the promising position at the start of the Vidala missile or Vargas’ escape but did not crouch.

After the break the pace gradually weakened, The frantic previous minutes seemed to have come to power, the game was often scrambled, Messi was very faint.

Alexis Sánchez could decide eight minutes before the end. Arsenal’s attacker ran his back on the defense and turned on the turn, fired at the rear pole.He just missed it.

Ten seconds before the expiration of the Higuain setting after a quick break, it was a step from the pole, but only a side net hit the sharp angle in the slip.

Sánchez had a chance again, after Mascheran’s run Halfway through the playground from the right side to the gate, but the calm in the end did not hurt the crossing Zabaleta. Sánchez then burned just above.

Joy and sadness. Alexis Sánchez from Chile and Lionel Messi from Argentina.

Everything you paid off in a shot.”It’s a dream come true, this generation of players deserves such a triumph,” Arturo Vidal was rejoicing. “And he deserves the Chilean people, they needed something as beautiful as being the champions of Copa América,” added Juventus Turin. Argentine coach Gerardo Martino said he did not deserve another painful defeat. “After 120 minutes of a very good game I was supposed to win Argentina,” said a coach who four years ago led to the final of Paraguay and the trophy was also not heard.

Messi’s family was the target for such fans.

The family of the representative star Messi took the anger and disappointment of the fans of Argentina.After defeat, they were snatched from the courts, Messi’s parents Celia and Jorge and brothers Rodrigo and Matias finally had to find shelter in a television studio.

The oldest brother Rodriga hit an object thrown from the auditorium during a match. With the progressive time of the match, when the game was still without goals, insults towards Messi’s relatives began to grow. Frustrated fans also took the family of another Argentine star Sergio Aguer. The South American media even had to hit the security guard.