The Mayors again took over the favor of the eight-eyed Dukla

“A strong wind blowing, so the race was time-consuming. We were dealing with it, but it was important that we did what we wanted. We managed to get a good track (speed). “The helmsman of the winning crew Oldřich Hejdušek, who won the 24th prize at the Mayoralty, told us the turn, even though we did not solve it very much.” The seven hundred-year legend praised the performance of the second crew, in which the representatives of the Brno Rowing Company Club. “We were expecting them to be in the first half, but they started on the turn. Under the rock.We had a bit of a problem because they started to download us, but we got it firmly from the rail bridge, “said Hejudek, who originally planned to go for the last time the Mayor. But finally, he decided he would Start a year. “I’ve been thinking about it at the end, and I’ve found that the twenty-five are better than twenty-four. So next year again. But the last time, I think so seriously, “said Hejdušek.

Together with him, Matyáš Klang, Kornel Altman, David Jirka, Jakub Podrazil, Jan Andrle, Jakub Paroulek, Ondřej Vetešník and Jan Vetešník . Originally, Lukáš Helešic was also in Luke Helešic’s elite ship Luke, but at the last moment he was replaced by Jirka.

“If one does not wait, it is better.I sat down and felt like I was driving them all my life, “said Jirka, who only learned about his eighth placement after Friday’s training session. Thanks to the unexpected nomination, he has already earned an eighth prize for the Mayors. “It is nice. But I do not count on it, so I do not even know how many win it is, “admitted silver medalist from the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

The Rössler-Orovsky Spring Skulper Race took control of Ondrej Synk as well as last year’s former junior champion World and Europe Michal Plocek from Dukla. Still in the week, Plocek planned to relax at the weekend.However, Synek left the race and the Duke’s leadership decided that the colors of the Army Club would defend him.

For the first time in the fight for Stuhu Podoli, the skipper was the best Kristýna Fleissner from Bohemians. Olympic champion on the skif Miroslava Knapkova sat in the 8th Slavie Slavia, which helped a sovereign victory with a lead of more than 17 seconds.

“It was the only chance I could win. If Mirka or Jitka (Antošová) were to go, I would not have done that, “said Fleissner, who was expecting a double celebration after the race.On Tuesday, she successfully passed the State University at the Czech University of Agriculture in Prague.

Satisfied was also Knapková, who in the past several times started skifu even in the eighth, this time, however, with regard to the program Primátorka was not.