VIDEO: Will you marry me? Yes! But the request for a hand will not be on the hockey World Cup

Under Energybet free online bets the ceiling of the modern Prague Hall, behind the huge glass there is a room where everything is controlled.From the auditorium Energybet bets online you can hardly see inside, from inside you have an overview of everything that is happening on the ice and on the stalls.

“Three, two, one, Libor!”

And the moderator Bouček starts talking, the familiar face of the Czech fans occupy, foreigners get perfect English.

In the direction of O 2 areny it looks a bit like a space station – Hundreds of buttons, computers, microphones…

Here, people are trying to make hockey players have an extra experience. “We want a person who comes to play for the whole game day and watches as many as three matches to see something new every time,” says Martin Zahálka, the wrestler director.

It is necessary to have a lot of songs in the repertoire, Dice, graphics into the digital ring in the hall.Everything Selected by Zahálka and his people? Not quite enough – the music that goes down after the goalkeepers could have been chosen by the teams themselves.

And how can you tell us to see the ice over the interruption? “To be eccentric, not to sit on the chair, to start dancing, you will surely get to the dice,” says a “smile” with a smile.

The cute scene took place a week ago in the Czech Republic vs. Canada (3: 6). An unsuspecting girl was asked by her lovely hand directly 17,000 people.She laughed and cried at the same time and said yes.

Since then, the production O 2 arenas have been asked to include additional hand requests or birthday wishes. “It was an exceptional event, we do not want to repeat itself and become a commonplace thing,” explains Zahálka.

As a group of “invisible” workers is like this, it is a common agenda. Shichta started them before the start of the tournament, paid more attention to preparations for the opening ceremony, now the regime is a bit quieter.

“But the working time is the same, we arrive at eight o’clock and we will Midnight, “said major producer Marcel Voneš.

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