Will Pribram be cupped? Lafata or Škoda? What is still playing in the league

Slavia knows it will be the worst four, but in the case of a happy combination of circumstances and successful results it can reach the first half of the table.

The case of one of the most successful clubs in Czech football history from the perspective of the final two rounds of the league is not important. If the finisher can be at least partially thrilling, just in the fight for the cups.

There is a second, fourth and fifth place in the game. And also the crown of shooter king. The final two acts are played on Saturday 23 May from 17.15 and next Saturday, May 30, again from 17.15.

Sparta and Jablonec Candidates Even the silver team of the Czech league gets the chance to play for the attractive Champions League, even in the heavy non-championship part, where four teams from the Premier League, the Spanish Supercup or the Bundesliga are losers. Sparta needs a point from Matches in České Budějovice and Bohemians. If both matches lost, there is a chance for Jablonec. He’s sure he’ll be the worst third. Bronze means the 3rd Preliminary Round of the European League.Jablonec in the rest of the season plays with Ostrava and Brno.

id = “- 4-misto-kandidati-boleslav-pribram-a-one-of-pairs-temperice-dukla-qualification- Class = “fl”> 4. Candidates Boleslav, Pribram and one of Teplice – Dukla pair (European League Qualification, 2nd or 3rd Preliminary Round)

The fourth team of the Synot League is sure to play the European League this summer.

The closest is Mlada Boleslav, which has a two-point lead ahead of the fifth Pribram and better mutual matches. Whatever the competitor’s results, four points are missing. He plays in Slovácko and Jihlava.Pribram has Brno and ends in Pilsen.

Theoretically, a pair of Teplice – Dukla can reach the fourth place. Both teams are waiting for each other, so the loser will lose the theoretical chance. The winner must then hope that Boleslav and Příbram will lose significantly. Teplice in the last round play with Hradec, Dukla will be presented in Ostrava.

5. Place Candidates Boleslav, Příbram, Teplice and Dukla (possibility of qualification for European League, The Fifth Team of the Synot League would go to the 2 nd round of the European League and the fourth place would win the 3rd round. If Mlada Boleslav wins at least three points in two matches, it will not finish worse than the fifth. But she would not be happy with this, she wants to keep fourth.

Fifth Pribram has a two-point lead ahead of Teplice, Dukla loses more points.

In order to keep Příbram in front of Teplice, it needs two prizes regardless of the competitor’s results.If Teplice gains four points, Pribram is just one victory.

For Pribram, Teplice and Seventh Dukla the key duel of Teplice on Julisce will be crucial. The draw will be scored by Příbram, the winner will continue to play in the cups.

Bohemians 1905 is the theoretical chance for the fifth place. Pribram would have to lose both matches, Teplice will get the maximum point and Dukla at most three. H3 id = “- kral-strelcu-kandidati-david-lafata-a-milan-skoda”> candidates David Lofata and Milan Skoda

David Lafata,In previous years he triumphed three times in a row.

Lafata gave eighteen goals, one more than the famous Milan Skoda. Both shortly after the weekend round were on the same line, but the statisticians Škoda had a goal in Příbram, which they recorded as their own. Can not pull. Lafata will be introduced in České Budějovice, which has the worst defense in the competition at all.In the last game, Sparta hosts Bohemians, only seven teams have scored less goals than Bohemians.

The team of Libor Došek from Slovácko, who loses four goal goals in the league,